Episode 12: Trauma Resuscitation

Fluid resuscitation, blood, acidosis, coagulopathy, hypothermia, TXA, intubation, push dose pressors! All the greatest trauma lit for your naughty bits.

3 thoughts on “Episode 12: Trauma Resuscitation

  1. Awesome podcast! I recommend it to all my medics. In regards to the Bickell study, I always try to emphasize that that doesn’t tell us that hypotensive resuscitation is good so much as it tells us that cystalloids are bad in uncontrolled hemorrhage


  2. Podcasting at its best thank you for taking the time to share this wealth of information. I am curious to find a reference for blood vessels releasing Tpa during hypotension? Does the same occur during sepsis? Is this contributing factor to interstitial fluid loss?

    Thanks Again Doc.


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